Joris Medeišis

Joris Medeišis

Software Engineer

Before joining Devbridge as a Software Engineer Joris earned his Bachelor’s of Cultural History and Anthropology. He is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He would like to put his experience in game development, 3D modeling, and algorithm programming implementation to use in order to combine game development, social media, animation and education into one medium. Always curious and eager to learn, Joris is never afraid to tackle challenges or search for the solutions that help him achieve his goals.

Because he enjoys learning so much, Joris can often be found browsing YouTube to find information about the fields he is curious about. He also uses Udemy to get the base knowledge of IT technologies. Joris also often reads about the history and politics of foreign countries, and he also expresses his creativity through 3D sculpting with Blender.

“It’s not up to us what we find in the beginning but it’s definitely our responsibility what we left after ourselves.”

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