Jovita Morkūnė

Jovita Morkūnė

Test Engineer

Jovita earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and her Master’s Degree in International Business from Kaunas University of Technology. Though she studied finance and business, Jovita is proud to have a successful career in software testing, which she describes as an interesting and challenging field. Before joining Devbridge she worked as Quality Improvement Specialist at R1 RCM Company. At Devbridge, she focuses on creating value by contributing to the quality insurance of exciting and challenging software products. Persistent, not afraid to ask questions, and ready to adapt to change, Jovita is ready to tackle any challenge she encounters.

In her free time, Jovita likes to stay busy with a variety of activities. She goes for bike rides and goes running, or plays board games or foosball with friends.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

Walt Disney

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