Julian Espinosa

Julian Espinosa

Business Development Representative

As a business development representative at Devbridge, Julian provides service industry business-es with software to help streamline their business and help it grow. Being self-motivated has helped Julian to succeed in his career, especially as he overcame a significant challenge to get where he is today. Growing up, he had a terrible speech impediment, so he did not speak in public and was not able to hold regular conversations. He challenged his fear of speaking and has since made a career that depends on interacting with different people, where verbal communication is one of the most important skills needed to cultivate strong relationships with customers as well as the teammates. In his personal life, Julian enjoys boxing. He has been an active boxer for over ten years, even making it to the semi-finals at the 2012 Golden Gloves. Julian is also a fan of cars. He has restored a 1984 BMW and is hoping to win an award at one of the car shows this year.

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