Julie Abrams

Julie Abrams

Product Manager

As a Product Manager at Devbridge Group, Julie discovers the needs and challenges that face a client, then works with the Devbridge team to organize and deliver a solution. She is focused on uncovering the unique challenges each client has, and then prioritizing the most impactful means of advancing the client’s business. Each project that Julie works on is unique, and she is motivated by the opportunity to work with a team to provide effective solutions for a wide range of individual needs.

Julie is motivated by the opportunity to achieve milestones in both her personal and professional life. One of her proudest achievements was completing her fourth 100-mile mountain bike race. Held in the Sierra Nevada’s, the race was on an awful trail and Julie found herself still riding on the course at night. She was physically exhausted, and had her slowest race ever, yet still finished in third place.

In addition to biking, Julie stays active by coaching her children’s soccer teams as well as skiing, hiking, and swimming with her family.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

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