Julius Činčikas

Julius Činčikas

Test Engineer

Julius earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and graduated from Vilnius Vocational training center as a Software Tester. As a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge he will be focused on ensuring the quality of software products. Julius is always driving to improve his knowledge so that he has more skills and understanding to use in his work, as well as use it to help others. In addition to being curious and willing to learn, he is also stubborn about figuring things out and finding solutions to the challenges he comes up against. Julius is always motivated by the opportunity to evolve, learn, and become a better version of himself.

In his free time, Julius likes to stay active by going to the gym and lifting weights. When he relaxes he likes to watch reruns of The Office or scroll through memes online.

When your mind becomes obsessed with anything, you will filter everything else out and find that thing everywhere.

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