Jūratė Pakalnytė

Jūratė Pakalnytė

Software Engineer

Jurate earned her degree in Engineering Informatics from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. She first got real world experience in software development with an internship that turned into a job offer. She stayed in that position for two years, working on a very large scale project with several different international developer teams. Jurate credits this experience with helping her improve her skills, but also with helping her realize that if she has an idea for improving a process or a product, it is necessary to speak up. As a result, she is not shy about providing honest feedback and her and others’ work has benefited.

While Jurate has a variety of interests both professionally and personally, her dream is to someday work on creating a video game. Video games are one of her favorite pastimes, with her favorites being Dark Souls, World of War Warcraft, Tomb Raider, and Mass Effect. She has been gaming since she was four years old, starting with a PlayStation. It is because of her interest in gaming that Jurate first became interested in computers, and then dreamt of becoming a developer, a lifelong goal she has now achieved.

“Nobody can take away my dreams.”

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