Jurij Nesvat

Jurij Nesvat

Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead

Jurij is a man of many talents. He holds a few national records in freediving, his first job was selling homemade CDs featuring classical and jazz music, and he believes if he didn’t have a career in technology, he’d be a sea captain. He also has a talent for Quality Assurance, which is his new role at Devbridge in our Vilnius office.

When he was a child, Jurij always wanted to be an Astronaut. He finds inspiration in an interesting place: a healthy amount of stress. When he isn’t assuring the quality of our work here at Devbridge, you can find Jurij enjoying books from authors such as Remarque, Dovlatov and Kristoff, or eating his favorite food, the cuisine of Central Asia.

“Sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of”

- Geri Weitzman