Justas Gudavičius

Justas Gudavičius

Lead of Engineering Unit

Justas began his career as a freelance web developer when he was only in high school. He went on to get his Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Vilnius University, then worked as a technical manager, software engineer, systems architect and chief analyst for a range of companies before joining Devbridge, where he looks forward to being part of the best team in the world!

If he wasn’t working in computing, Justas would love to build race cars — he dreamed of becoming a race car driver as a kid (he thinks he probably saw too many episodes of “Speed Racer”). He even dressed up as Speed Racer for a motorsports event, and he collects racing trophies, which remind him of his constantly improving skills and desire to take up new challenges. Aside from car racing, Justas’s favorite movies include The Martian, Moon and Alien, and he loves reading the Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy. His favorite food is buffalo wings — or really, any kind of meat, whether it’s dried, grilled or smoked.

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