Justas Laužadis

Justas Laužadis

Testing Practice Lead

Justas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics, and worked for FTMC and Bentley Systems before joining Devbridge. He’s passionate about mathematical and engineering problems, from analyzing the performance of sports teams to charting economic trends and financial flows. He loves the challenge of searching for different factors that could have impacted certain processes or formed particular trends.

Justas’s introduction to computing came when he was still in school, and he used to go online to read about basketball, search for foreign music and play quiz games. If he hadn’t gone on to pursue his career in IT, though, he’d like to be a photographer or the author of detective novels. Outside of work, Justas’s proudest achievement in life is the group of close, trusted friends that he’s managed to build. His favorite authors include Dan Brown and Erich Maria Remarque, and collects all the photos he has taken in order to stay connected to his personal memories (if he could have any superpower, it would be the ability to remember everything). His favorite foods are chicken with pasta, tropical fruit and pie with ice cream.

It is never too late to build a time machine.

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