Justas Rimkus

Justas Rimkus

Junior Software Engineer

Before joining Devbridge, Justas worked as a Software Engineer focused on developing solutions with image processing. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on always working his hardest and doing his best while continuing to learn and improve. Curious and stubborn, Justas is always ready to learn and to do what he needs to in order to overcome challenges and create quality products. When he does hit a wall, he often turns to StackOverflow to find help and ideas. When Justas needs to find motivation, all he has to do is consider how his work will be put to good use.

Outside of technology, Justas’ primary interest is music. However, his hobbies and interests include a plethora of other subjects ranging from space to history and video games. He’s also always up for a good conversation about his favorite movie, The Matrix.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

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