Justė Bernotienė

Justė Bernotienė

Test Engineer

Though she started her career as a Business Analyst, Juste is glad that she has found a career that she loves in the IT sector. Before joining Devbridge, Juste worked for EIS Group Lietuva as a Manual Tester. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge, Juste enjoys working with quality assurance challenges and seeking out new challenges in test automation. A quick learner, she is always happy to achieve quality results, but also likes the process that gets her to those results and may teach her something new along the way. Juste’s team-oriented attitude and strong communication skills help drive her success.

In her free time, Juste loves to travel, especially when she can plan an excursion that includes a hike. She finds that hiking is an excellent way to challenge herself and discover new places.

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