Justė Žilinskaitė

Justė Žilinskaitė

Senior Software Engineer

Juste earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Kaunas University of Technology and spent two years working as a Full-Stack Developer at Cognizant. While there, she had the opportunity to develop, launch, and support an internal system for Cognizant employees in Lithuania in addition to performing her primary job duties. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Juste enjoys working on the projects that allow her to solve the challenges that matter to people. Every day, she strives to acquire more technical knowledge and gain the experience that will allow her to solve challenges and achieve perfection more efficiently. Her motivation is always to be a better person each day than she was the day before.

In her free time, Juste enjoys being outside and going for walks or hiking. She also enjoys staying active by playing badminton. Her other hobbies are primarily centered around music; she has participated in numerous singing contests both as the vocalist of a jazz band and as a soloist and has been learning LindyHop for a few years.

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