Justina Matulyte

Justina Matulyte

Test Engineer

Justina is responsible for quality assurance, but if she had to choose another job, it definitely would have something to do with teaching. When she was still in high school, her very first job was as an assistant to a kindergarten teacher, and she still dreams of teaching dance. Aside from IT and computing, dancing is her favorite pastime and one of her great motivations in life — a good dance class always puts her in a great mood for the following day.

As an avid dancer, it’s not surprising that one of Justina’s favorite movies is The Black Swan, though other favorites include A Beautiful Mind and The Imitation Game. She couldn’t live without gummy candies, and she wishes she had the ability to turn back time so that she could live through the same great moments in her life over and over again.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

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