Justinas Gruzdys

Justinas Gruzdys

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Justinas earned his Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, he uses his education and his natural persistence, patience, and attention to detail as he pursues perfection in his work. Each day, Justinas strives to improve his depth of knowledge and hopes to one day become an expert in a domain, technology, or language. He’s pleased to be at Devbridge where the company inspires their employees to reach for such goals. No matter what he’s doing, Justinas seeks improvement. He doesn’t look back to past achievements, but instead prefers to focus on what’s to come.

To relax, Justinas goes for walks and listens to music. He’s a big basketball fan and is very opinionated when it comes to dogs v. cats - ask him if you want to know which side he falls on. When he wants to laugh or learn something, Justinas usually opens up YouTube and finds a video to match his mood.

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