Justinas Masiulis

Justinas Masiulis

Software Engineer

Justinas is currently studying software engineering at the Kaunus University of Technology. His path of study is a natural progression, as he first fell in love with computers at the tender age of 7 or 8, when he discovered his first internet cafe. At Devbridge, he looks forward to creating applications that can make everyday tasks just a little faster and a little less boring, whether that applies to e-commerce, content management systems or anything in between.

Prior to coming onboard with Devbridge, Justinas worked for the Jūsų Flintas publishing house, specifically working on Flintas, a magazine for kids. For Flintas, Justinas wrote a broad range of articles on everything from video games and sports to drafting scenarios for comic strips. If he wasn‘t working in computing, Justinas would love to be an actor or a writer. He is an avid reader and finds it difficult to name just one favorite book, but he‘s particularly crazy about the Game of Thrones series. He finds his motivation in great food, inspirational projects and the ever-changing world around him. He couldn‘t live without YouTube, his greatest source of entertainment, information and inspiration, and his hands-down favorite food is pizza.

A right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

- G-man, Half-Life 2