Justinas Rakita

Justinas Rakita

Software Engineer

Justinas is a Sun-Certified Java Programmer who focuses on front-end software development. Though he initially did not like working with Javascript, earning his certification in Java is now one of the proudest achievements in his life. Justinas loves learning new things and applying the things he’s learned, especially when it allows him to turn a complicated source code into a beautiful product.

As an avid user of Podcast apps and audio books, Justinas squeezes his learning into every possible moment. He listens to educational content when he’s jogging, traveling, or just stuck in traffic. He also enjoys reading physical books, and lists Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Song of Ice and Fire among his favorite series. Anyone looking to start a conversation with Justinas would find him open to talking on any number of subjects, though he says theology, military, and history are the three topics he seems to end up talking about most frequently.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is taken by force.”

Gospel of Matthew

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