Justinas Zilnys

Justinas Zilnys

Software Engineer

Justinas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering from the Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge, he worked as a Front-End Developer for a few different companies. While a Developer at Pickit, he built the Pickit Images Office add-in which won multiple awards.

Justinas also worked as a freelance developer for a large portion of his career, and is looking forward to working with a team at Devbridge so that he can receive and give feedback and bounce ideas off of people as everyone works towards the same goals of improving product, processes, and performance. In his work, flexibility is a key character trait for his success. He can easily adapt to changing project requirements and team needs, as well as to rapidly evolving technology and industry tools.

In his free time, Justinas loves visiting new places. Whether it’s a faraway exotic country, or just a new neighborhood in his hometown, he enjoys exploring and taking photos. A new parent, Justinas is also enjoying exploring the rewards and challenges of parenthood.

"Amat Victoria Curam”/“Victory loves preparation.”