Kamila Chyla

Kamila Chyla

Senior Software Engineer

Kamila earned her Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Wroclaw University. Her specializations for the degree were artificial intelligence and neural networks. Before joining Devbridge she worked at Siemens, Nokia Siemens Networks, and Credit-Suisse. As a Senior Software Engineer at Devbridge Kamila is focused on code quality, efficient usage of software developer tools, and code analysis. She is enthusiastic about empowering the team through nurturing each individual’s talents, believing that “knowing thyself” is the core basis for a strong performance. Kamila also helps strengthen the team through researching and educating on best practices, patterns, libraries, and tools.

Kamila is the proud mother of three kids. She loves having deep conversations with her older two and playing with her youngest. Kamila’s hobbies include digital drawing, exercises, and delving into stoic philosophy.

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