Kamilė Vainiūtė

Kamilė Vainiūtė

Software Engineer

Kamile studied Genetics and Bioinformatics at Vilnius University, though IT is her true passion. She was part of the Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2020 IT team that won the grand prize, beating out 250 other teams. The team also received the Global Lithuanian Awards prize “For Solid Voice in Global Science Community.” At Devbridge, Kamile enjoys tackling challenges and getting a large return on knowledge from finding her way to a solution. Working with a strong team and the drive to learn, Kamile produces projects that she is proud of.

In her free time Kamile enjoys dancing, playing boardgames, skiing, and watching basketball. When she relaxes in front of the TV, she watches documentaries, historical dramas, or anything related to space, science, and politics. She also likes to watch YouTube videos, especially those that she can learn from or laugh at.

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