Karolis Trinkūnas

Karolis Trinkūnas

Junior Software Engineer

Karolis is a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge. He has an educational background in Software Engineering and has professional experience in managing and developing Front-End solutions. To further his knowledge and skills, he’s also taken the initiative to complete Udemy courses, read programming books, and do projects with React, Vue, Blazor, GraphQL, and Typescript. At Devbridge, he is focused on creating exquisite Front-End solutions for the end user. Determined, dedicated, creative, and always willing to learn more, Karolis’ approach aligns well with Devbridge’s commitment to seeking mastery.

Music helps Karolis get into the zone while coding, so he often has Spotify or YouTube on while he’s working. In his free time, Karolis likes to sing, write, watch movies, and play video games. He’s always up for a conversation, whether it’s simple small talk or an in-depth exploration of dreams and aspirations.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

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