Kasparas Zajankauskas

Kasparas Zajankauskas

Software Engineer

Though Kasparas now works in programming, his background is in economics and finance. However, he learned that programming was his true passion and has since discovered that having a true passion for your work makes you willing to pursue it no matter what your circumstances are. For Kasparas, that means coding even when living out of a tent for months while on a cycling trip and far away from any network coverage.

Biking, and traveling in general, are Kasparas’ passions apart from his work. He is always aiming to achieve new goals in his life, both in cycling and other areas. Kasparas has a bucket list that he often turns to for inspiration about his next adventure and the next goal he hopes to achieve.

All battles in life take place at night, during rain, at the intersection of four parts of a map.

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