Katarzyna Łucyszyn

Katarzyna Łucyszyn

Software Engineer

Katarzyna earned an Engineering Degree at the Warsaw University of Technology. She majored in Electronics with a specialization in electronics and computer science in medicine and is working to earn her Master’s Degree in the same subject. Katarzyna is also a graduate of Sourcery Academy. Before joining Devbridge she worked as an Integration Developer at Bluesoft, focusing on the development of data transfers between systems and the analysis of new requirements. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge, Katarzyna is focused on full-stack development, primarily working with Java and React. A strong communicator, she enjoys working on a team where she can share her knowledge with colleagues while also learning from them. Katarzyna is determined to overcome every challenge she faces and never backs down in the face of difficulty. Like many in the tech field, she finds Stackoverflow to be an excellent resources for helping her find answers to tough problems.

Katarzyna stays active by playing tennis. She also enjoys traveling and will always sit down to listen to someone else’s travel stories.

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