Kateryna Kuskova

Kateryna Kuskova

Product Designer

Catalina has been working in marketing and tech in some capacity since she was a teenager. She started out doing social media management, then later worked as a translator and copywriter. These experiences helped shape her perspective on UX writing. Catalina has also co-owned an online store, an experience that served as the foundation of her product design career. She was responsible for market research, design, and targeted ads for the store. More recently she has worked on redesigns and features improvement with well-known companies, as well as built multifunctional data-driven products from scratch. At Devbridge, she’s excited to have the opportunity to find innovative solutions for products that bring value to people's everyday life. Catalina views design as not only the craft of the work, also the overall idea and mission behind it. This approach aligns well with Devbridge mission of building meaningful products that create economic and utility value for clients.

Catalina is an avid traveler who has visited over 50 countries. She loves to explore new cultural contexts, whether in a city thousands of miles away or just across town. When traveling, she always has two tools handy - Google Maps and her camera. Trying new foods is also one of Catalina’s favorite parts of travel. In addition to traveling and her career in tech, Catalina also performs in various film productions.

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality"

Lewis Carroll

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