Kęstutis Kraskauskas

Kęstutis Kraskauskas

Principal Software Engineer

Kestutis is a Software Engineer at Devbridge Group. He enjoys the opportunity his work gives him to create excellent products that help people experience the world and make their lives easier. Though now focused on software engineering, Kestutis has experience in all aspects of tech work, having built computers, programmed databases, created UI for web pages, and led a programming team.

Kestutis is a devoted family man, calling his happy family the proudest achievement of his life. He also cherishes his friends, saying he is proud of all of them.

To relax, Kestutis enjoys watching TV, especially “House, MD,” and “Sherlock.” He also likes trying new food and drink, especially beers.

I always thought the idea of education was to learn to think for yourself.

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