Wei Ning Shen

Wei Ning Shen

Product Designer

Kevin earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Music Performance and Music Pedagogy and worked as a classical musician and as a music teacher. However, during the pandemic he realized that he needed a career change, and he began studying UX Design. Kevin was able to find work as a freelance UX designer and has decided to join Devbridge to continue his career in that area while collaborating with talented colleagues. His music background helps Kevin in his UX design work; as a musician he learned how to learn fast and work collaboratively and as a teacher he learned how to identify problem spaces and contribute to finding creative solutions. Kevin is glad to be working at Devbridge where he is able to learn and thrive through his work. Whether teaching or designing, or doing something in another part of his life, Kevin is always motivated by the opportunity to help others and make their lives easier.

An avid coffee drinker, Kevin counts brewing it as a hobby. He also enjoys bouldering.

"Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I'll show you a happy man."


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