Konstanty Chodkowski

Konstanty Chodkowski

Software Engineer

Konstanty has an extensive educational background, including a Master’s Degree in Social Science and Postgraduate work in Cultural and Creative Diplomacy. He has also completed a course in Software Engineering at Telerick Academy. Before joining Devbridge he worked for B4B Technology, mBank, and AXA Avanssur. He also started a local news/media company in his hometown. Now, as a Software Engineer at Devbridge, he uses his varied experience and technological skillset to take a proactive approach to projects. Konstanty also enjoys having the opportunity to grow his skills and knowledge in numerous ways.

Always up for an adventure, Konstanty loves to share stories of what he’s done and listen to other people’s stories. That’s one reason why journalism is one of his passions. He’s also fascinated by history, architecture, and urban development.

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