Kostas Sūdžius

Kostas Sūdžius

Junior Front End Engineer

Kostas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences. As a Junior Front End Engineer at Devbridge, he is focused on making sure the front end of projects is as high quality as possible while also helping his team achieve their overall goals. Patient and always able to draw from a reserve of motivation in tough times, Kostas has the drive needed to get even the toughest projects done successfully. When he does get stuck, one of his go-to resources for help and information is Stack Overflow.

Kostas enjoys staying active and especially likes to go for walks or ride a bicycle. He also likes to watch sports in general, especially when large events are going on like Euro Cup or the Olympics. When he’s not watching sports, Kostas probably has the TV turned to The Office.

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