Kotryna Juodytė

Kotryna Juodytė

Engineering Team Manager

Kotryna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Management and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Integrated Communication from Vilnius University. Her career in IT has included over five years at Swedbank, first as an Agile Product Owner and then as a Team Manager, and three years at Digital Sense where she was a Project Manager. As an Engineering Team Manager at Devbridge, Kotryna approaches every aspect of her work by beginning with the question ‘why?’ Having an answer to this question allows Kotryna and her team to reach for an extraordinary solution that truly meets users’ needs. A quick learner who is open to new ideas and is readily motivated to succeed, Kotryna’s values and professional outlook align well with Devbridge’s mission.

Kotryna loves to stay in touch with friends and family on Facebook Messenger and keep up with trends on Instagram. She spends her free time walking her dog, exploring new restaurants and cuisines, and going wakeboarding.

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