Kotryna Ratkevičiūtė

Kotryna Ratkevičiūtė

Junior Software Engineer

Kotryna has an educational background in medicine, but opted to change career paths and attended Sourcery Academy. She has successfully moved from working as an assistant in surgeries to the position of Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge. Persistent, and always a dreamer, Kotryna enjoys having the opportunity to grow as programmer as she overcomes challenges every day.

Kotryna is an avid baker and spends time in her kitchen every Sunday to make chocolate buns or cinnamon rolls. She enjoys spending time with her dog, especially when both are participating in agility sports. To keep all these varied aspects of her life organized, from the recipes to the agility sports schedule to code snippets, Kotryna relies on the Notion app.

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

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