Kotryna Samveljan

Kotryna Samveljan

Junior Test Engineer

Kotryna has always strived to challenge herself and this mindset has resulted in a varied career background. She holds a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine and has worked as a waitress and a strawberry picker before deciding she preferred to work in technology. Her experience working for an entire season in the difficult job of strawberry picking was very important to Kotryna; it showed her she could persevere through challenges and helped her grow in patience and confidence. Even though she has only fairly recently begun working in QA, Kotryna has learned much quickly. She is already starting to write automation tests and is glad to have the opportunity at Devbridge to work with a variety of projects that will continue to challenge her and keep her learning. To Kotryna, the more tools, methodologies, strategies, and project types she can work with, the better. Among the reasons she is successful at QA work - no matter the project - is her high attention to detail.

To relax, Kotryan likes to dive into her nonogram/Hanjie journal. She is also very social and enjoys just talking to people and exploring different topics from different perspectives.

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