Kristin McMahon

Kristin McMahon

Product Designer

Kristin is a Product Designer at Devbridge. Before joining Devbridge, she designed for several non-profits as well as for AutoNation. Kristin was a Broadway actress in a former life, and her 10 years studying human behavior for acting inform her approach to design. She relies on storytelling to push innovation and solve complex problems for businesses. Active in the design community, Kristin seeks to be a leader in the ever-evolving conversation of design ethics. She spends a lot of time thinking about the responsibility that designers have in shaping our society.

Kristin has a dog named Nancy Spungen and a cat named Piggie, and she is always interested in opportunities to make the world better for animals.

"I am pretty fearless, and you know why? Because I don't handle fear very well; I'm not a good terrified person.”

- Stevie Nicks