Kristina Aleliūnė

Kristina Aleliūnė

Lead Test Engineer and Team Lead

Kristina earned her Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering from the Kaunas University of Technology and even began a PhD program in the subject. She has had to put her PhD studies on hold, but nonetheless made an impact during her time in the program through supervising students studying for their Master’s Degree, helping them to grow in the software testing and research field. Before joining Devbridge, Kristina spent more than a decade working in software testing at GLDS, most recently in the roles of Senior QA Engineer and Lead of the QA group. As a Lead Test Engineer at Devbridge, she is focused on making improvements to testing processes, solving the issues she encounters in software, and overall delivering results that make customers happy. Kristina is a big believer in the power of teamwork and works to cultivate and leverage the strengths of each individual team member.

Kristina is a proud wife and mother who finds motivation in her family. Her primary hobby is horse riding. In the past, she also competed in canoe sprints.

When you know better you do better.

Maya Angelou

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