Kristina Siavkinaitė

Kristina Siavkinaitė

Business Analyst

Before entering the IT sector and joining Devbridge as a Business Analyst, Kristina spent a decade working as a Project Manager in the insurance industry, there she was responsible for international clients, primarily managing incoming business. Kristina loves working with different people and making an impact, and she finds it very rewarding to be able to understand clients and their needs. Being able to change industries, but still put these skills to use, is her proudest achievement in life. Making the decision to jump to the IT sector wasn’t easy, but it has changed her life for the better.

Kristina is always seeking to broaden her mind, and finds traveling to be the best way to do that. She enjoys opening herself up to new experiences and ideas while learning about the world around her. Kristina is also always seeking out ways to help others, and she gives back in part through volunteering with Child Line.

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