Kristina Žąsinaitė

Kristina Žąsinaitė

Test Engineer

Kristina began her career working in public institutions as a Project Coordinator and Manager. However, she decided that working in IT was what she preferred to do. She completed the Vilnius Coding School manual testing course and went on to work for several international companies as a manual software tester. Now, as a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge, Kristina is driven to continue learning as much as she can about testing so she can help Devbridge produce superior products. Though much of her work has focused on manual testing, Kristina hopes to expand her knowledge of automated testing. She’s glad to be part of Devbridge and working with a friendly, honest team.

In her free time, Kristina enjoys relaxing in front of the TV, especially if there’s a show on she can laugh at. The Office and Parks & Recreation are her two favorite shows. She’s also always up for a discussion about serious topics like politics, human rights, or psychology.

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