Kristupas Rybakovas

Kristupas Rybakovas

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Before deciding that technology was the sector he wanted to work in, Kristupas spent ten years working in construction design. He first entered the world of technology by teaching himself as much as he could and opening his own web development business. Having the courage and the drive to get out of his comfort zone and change his career path entirely at the age of thirty is Kristupas’ proudest achievement.

Now, completely invested in his new career, Kristupas is putting his skills to use as a front-ned engineer at Devbridge Group. He is enjoying being part of a team working on high-quality projects. With an ability to soak up information quickly and strong self-motivation, Kristupas has a strong future ahead of him at Devbridge Group.

Outside of work, Kristupas is a big basketball fan. He enjoys watching and playing the sport, and says talking about the NBA is the best way to start a conversation with him. Kristupas also enjoys camping and just being outside enjoying nature in general.

Be water, my friend.

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