Lauryna Vasinauskė

Lauryna Vasinauskė

Senior Business Analyst and Team Lead

Lauryna is a Business Analyst at Devbridge. Before joining Devbridge she earned her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Vilnius University and worked for the State Tax Inspectorate, EY Lithuania, and Inntec. Her work has run the gamut from texting and administration of websites to tax consulting to marketing and project launches. This diverse experience along with her analytical mindset will help Lauryna as she works to solve digitisation challenges and help create products the team and client can be proud of.

Lauryna’s proudest achievement in life is her son. In addition to spending time with him, she also enjoys being outside in her vegetable and flower garden as well as practicing yoga and figure skating. Gardening and sports are just two topics that interest her, though - she also loves food and traveling - especially when both can be combined on a cruise vacation with her family.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

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