Laurynas Aukštuolis

Laurynas Aukštuolis

Software Engineer

Laurynas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he worked in the printing industry, focusing on helping clients transform their ideas into printed materials. This experience helped sharpen his communication skills, especially with those of different backgrounds, cultures, and industry-specific knowledge. As Front-End Engineer at Devbridge he is focused on delivering valuable services to clients based on solid know-how, honesty, and effectiveness. The dynamic nature of front-end development motivates Laurynas everyday - he knows he will always be learning something new, facing a new challenge, and have the opportunity to work with a talented team.

In his free time, Laurynas loves to play music. He also likes to travel, learn and talk about food, and learn as much as he can about development. To keep him energized through every day of working and learning, Laurynas turns to coffee. /p>

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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