Laurynas Kačinauskas

Laurynas Kačinauskas

Software Engineer

Laurynas earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Before deciding that he wanted to work in tech and changing career paths, he worked as a Laboratory Technician. Once he moved into the tech sector, he worked as a Software Developer for various companies, including IBM, SEB Global Services, and Amerisource Bergen. Now, as a Software Engineer at Devbridge, he is committed to using best practices to achieve the best results and provide the clients with a high-quality product. Laurynas enjoys working with a team and strives to be a supportive team member. He has a positive personality, is eager to learn, and is persistent in solving problems, all traits that serve him well each day in his work at Devbridge.

In his free time, Laurynas likes to stay active. He’s an avid biker and has completed the Klaipeda-Vilnius trek, which is over 400 kilometers. Laurynas also likes to ride motorcycles, snowboard, wakeboard, and participates in functional training - if it gets his adrenaline going, he’ll enjoy it. When he relaxes, Laurynas likes to watch Christopher Nolan movies.

Bad soldier, who doesn't want to be a general.

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