Laurynas Kuraitis

Laurynas Kuraitis

Software Engineer

The day that Laurynas’ parents bought their first PC – preloaded with Quake III – was the day Laurynas knew he would be a developer. He spent hours and hours playing Quake III as a kid, wanting to someday create something similar. Now, he brings that ambition to our Vilnius office as .NET developer.

Laurynas’ first job was as a sales consultant for a computer store, but not many people were willing to believe that a 16-year-old knew what computer they needed. As a result, he was moved behind the scenes, and worked fixing computers. He enjoys art – a good album, book, movie, painting or poem - as well as just about any food, save for mushrooms or fish.

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better”

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