Leonardas Garnionis

Leonardas Garnionis

Principal Software Engineer

Though Leonardas believes that there is no bad job as long as the wage is legal, and he also believes that every job is interesting in its own way, we think he’s found a true fit as Senior Web Developer at Devbridge. Leonardas also has experience in IT administration, for you hardware needs, and if it weren’t for Devbridge, he might consider going in to robotics.

When necessary, Leonardas’ favorite source of inspiration is his cat Meta, which translates to “Mint”, and he would never turn down a dish of grilled bacon ribs. When asked about achievements, Leonardas may mention that he’s proud of all of his achievements, but he also might show you his collection of interesting beer corks.

“The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.”

Abraham Lincoln

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