Leslie Presto

Leslie Presto

Senior Product Designer

Leslie earned her BFA in Graphic Design at Columbia Chicago and went on to work in a wide range of consultancies, working in industries as varied as retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and agriculture. At Devbridge she will be focusing on the airline industry. Leslie is passionate about driving social impact through her design work and focuses especially on designing for mental health, diversity and inclusion, and wildlife conservation and sustainability. She is pleased that Devbridge goals align with her focus on solving complex problems for the greater good.

In her free time, Leslie is a podcaster, yoga practitioner, and avid traveler. Fascinated by the human psyche and behavioral studies, she is also an aspiring astrologist and astro-cartographer. Her proudest achievement lies outside of all that, though. The achievement? Teaching her Jack Russell terrier how to smile!

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?!

- Erin Hanson