Lijana Lepeškaitė

Lijana Lepeškaitė

Talent Acquisition Partner

Lijana holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Psychology. Before joining Devbridge she worked for SEB, Ekleft, Strategic Staffing Solutions and at Pfizer. As a Talent Acquisition Partner at Devbridge she focuses on bringing the best talent onboard and helping new employees members make the most of their experience at the company. Lijana is a big believer in the power of teams, and as she works to help Devbridge build a strong team she is also dedicated to being a good team player herself. Lijana is an optimistic person, keeping a positive outlook through even the toughest of challenges.

In her free time, Lijana loves to be active. She plays volleyball and frisbee, hikes frequently, and participates in canicross and rally. Most any activity that challenges her and gives her an adrenaline boost is probably something Lijana would be interested in.

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