Lina Vegiene

Lina Vegiene

Senior Test Engineer and Team Lead

Lina is happy to be where she is in life - in a happy marriage, mother of a toddler, and holding a good job. She’s worked hard to be where she is, earning a postgraduate degree in Management of Information Systems from Trinity College in Dublin. Before joining Devbridge, she worked for Afilias, dotMobi, and Agmis. Being challenged is what drives Lina forward, and she’s always willing to learn fast and grow as an individual in order to overcome a challenge.

Lina loves to travel, and takes every opportunity to do so. In the past year she’s spent two months in Indonesia, gone skiing in Georgia, and visited San Francisco, North Ireland and Copenhagen. While she loved those experiences, visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos Island a few years ago was the most remarkable trip of her life.

Accept a challenge.

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