Lina Žebrauskienė

Lina Žebrauskienė

HR Business Partner

Lina has been working in HR field for eight years, and she very much enjoys her work. In fact, working in a field she loves is one of her proudest achievements in life. As an HR business partner at Devbridge Group, she will be responsible for helping and consulting with business leaders and employees regarding any HR-related questions. Lina’s approaches this work guided by the thought that when people work together, they can get over any challenge. She is always striving for positive end results, and is looking forward to working at Devbridge Group where “Deliver Results” is a company value.

Apart from her career path, Lina considers her family and friends her proudest achievements in life. She enjoys spending time with them, and also uses her free time to run. Lina prefers using her leisure time to be active, and finds that running helps her generate positive energy.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant. James C. Collins

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