Liudas Bogušas

Liudas Bogušas

Senior Software Engineer

Liudas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at Vilnius University and went on to work as a Middleware Infrastructure Technician at Barclays, then worked as a Software Engineer at IBM for five years. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge he is ready to take on any and every challenges. For Liudas, facing a challenge is just an opportunity to learn and grow. Liudas values the opportunity to grow in his professional role and in his personal life. A team player, he’s also always willing to take on responsibility himself.

A proud father, Liudas loves spending time with his twins. He stays active by wakeboarding and snowboarding, and used to participate in street acrobatics. Liudas likes to learn by watching YouTube videos. Whether it’s figuring out how to install something around the house, how to get a baby to sleep, or something related to technology, Liudas knows he can find a tutorial about it on YouTube.

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