Liutauras Naujokas

Liutauras Naujokas

DevOps Engineer

Liutauras earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Network Administration and is now working towards his Master’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering. Before joining Devbridge he had already worked for six years in the IT field, starting as a Help Desk/Service Desk Consultant, then moving to a different company where he became the person responsible for the IT infrastructure. At Devbridge he will be seeing the company and clients well as he uses this experience alongside his natural curiosity and motivation to create and implement quality, innovative products.

Liutauras is an avid snowboarder and one of his proudest achievements is having successfully performed a pretzel trick on a box with a snowboard. He also enjoys playing basketball, playing video games, creating music, and reading books that enlighten him.

"There is always going to be a next minion wave”.

League of Legends reference.

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