Lucian Dietsche

Lucian Dietsche

Senior Product Manager

Lucian holds two master’s degrees: one in International Management and another in Banking and Finance. Before joining Devbridge he worked at S&P Global and NXL. At S&P Global he was an Associate Director of Product Management, and then became a Product Strategy and Planning Lead. NXL is a company he founded and also served as Product Manager for. Additionally, he was a contract Technical Consultant for KB by Kirsty Bonner. All this background in financial service, data analysis, and product management gives Lucian valuable experience in data-driven decision making, which is a crucial aspect of many organizations’ digital transformations. At Devbridge, he is able to bring together his technical and non-technical experiences to build diverse products and detect challenges earlier in the process, both of which help achieve effective solutions for clients.

Lucian enjoys discussing technology even in his free time, especially if the conversation revolves around data science, AI, or building digital products. He is also interested in financial markets and entrepreneurship.

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