Lukas Aleknavičius

Lukas Aleknavičius

Test Engineer

Lukas has an education background in Java Development and previously worked as an EMS Coding Specialist and an EMS Medical Coding Quality and Training Improvement Specialist. In these roles he was honored with a Certificate of Excellence for his exemplary performance and tremendous impact on EMS quality. As a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge Lukas is focused on ensuring high quality to help Devbridge make great things and deliver results. Lukas is an analytical thinker with outstanding attention to detail, but is also committed to strong communication. These traits, along with his natural curiosity and appreciation for the value of teamwork, drive his professional success and make him a valuable team member. Though he’s focused on doing his work well, that doesn’t mean Lukas isn’t having fun - in fact, he became a tester because he was excited to try it and has fun tackling unique challenges.

In his free time, Lukas enjoys reading, boxing, shooting targets, camping, swimming, and watching movies. His favorite movie is Mr. Nobody. Lukas is also fascinated by self-knowledge and is always striving to raise his mind over his emotions and be honest with himself.

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