Lukas Gerbenis

Lukas Gerbenis

Software Architect

Lukas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems at Kaunas University of Technology and is a Sourcery Academy alumni. He is a member of the Enterprise Products squad working on Apollo suite and more. Lukas strives to make tools solve company’s high-level and day-to-day issues of various user groups.

Raising a high bar high for himself and those around him, Lukas finds himself living company values of Seeking Mastery and Making Great Things. He completes the team with remarkable strong sides of a calm mind, technical prowess, and communication skills.

When he is not programming, Lukas is a big fan of basketball and Formula 1 racing and spends evenings walking his dog, watching anime, or playing video games. On the internet, he mostly explores Reddit, jumping from the latest world news to the heart-melting puppy pics, and then on to many other communities he wants to follow.

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