Lukas Grinkevičius

Lukas Grinkevičius

Software Engineer

Before joining Devbridge, Lukas had an internship at a German company with an American CEO. The experience gave him a unique perspective on the software and business world, and also gave him practical experience as the company's "IT guy." Lukas also has a strong academic background, having entered university with a score higher than the maximum possible. He earned a national silver medal in economics, and was also able to study at one of the top universities in Taiwan.

His time studying in Taiwan was his favorite trip, as he spent every weekend exploring new corners of the country. One adventure that stood out was a trip to the quieter countryside with a classmate. Lukas credits his achievements to his parents, who always encouraged him and give him a reason to achieve. He wants to get up every day and make them proud.

If someone did it - you can do it.

Lukas' dad

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