Lukas Grinkevičius

Lukas Grinkevičius

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Lukas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Systems from the Kaunas University of Technology. Before joining Devbridge he held an internship with Erasmus+, during which he worked on a WordPress project for a German company. Now a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at Devbridge, Lukas approaches his work with a focus on the people that the software is for, and the people building it. Understanding that the work is done by people, for people, helps drive his success. Lukas also tries to have as much fun as possible at the office, especially since he and his colleagues spend a lot of time together working.

In his free time, Lukas keeps up the family tradition of working on cars, which is his father’s profession. Lukas and his brother also share a love of motorcycles. Whether its cars, motorcycles, or computers, tinkering and figuring out how things work is at the basis of most of Lukas’ hobbies.

If someone did it - you can do it.

Lukas' dad

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